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What They Say About Us:
"Dafna been in our school for 13 years. I have seen her teach all kinds of residencies. MEAN WORDS, MEAN MOVES is the best ever. Maybe its because the fifth graders know her from 4th grade, but I do think it is the amazing theatre games she has them playing. She really know how to talk to kids and shape a lesson! They trust her, they will take risks because she does, right in front of them." 
Kristin Neiroda, Birchwood Intermediate School 
"Thanks for a truly superb, insightful job.  You truly managed to draw out the very best from all of the participants, both students and their teachers."
Susan Ruth Cohen, Director of Arts Education, Long Island Friends of the Arts
"It was great to see my adult students engaged and involved in creative movement and vocal expression. I thought the lessons offered by Kinesthetic Intelligence Plus teaching artist Dafna Soltes Stein were very relevant to their work as English as a Second Language teachers."
Karen Ogulnick, Long Island University, Masters in Education faculty
"Kinesthetic Intelligence Plus realized the goals set by the district which included combining NYState learning standards in language arts and dance in engaging ways.  Creative movement was used to offer students opportunities to develop personal and cooperative decison making skills. We were so pleased with the results."
Terryl Donovan, District Director of Fine and Performing Arts, North Shore School District
"The Knowledge Alive! story is phenomenal! The kids loved it and got so much out of it. History, English language arts, character education, theatre skills." for our fourth graders every time."
Stephen Toto, Vice Principal, Birchwood Intermediate School
"As a child psychologist and parent of two children, I can tell you that in the "Stories One Generation Tells Another" program students bring home the deeper meaning of the arts and gain a greater understanding of themselves and others that can last a lifetime."
Dr.Cheryl Chitayat, parent Northport School District
"Students were given the opportunity to see one another in a different light, to develop sensitivity to themselves as dancers and to one another as people. They developed a new appreciation of language, not only of the power of words but also of the power of movement to express emotion and feelings."
Kelly Bierweiller, 2nd grade teacher, Glen Head School
"This intergenerational storytelling project was the highlight of our year once again! Never in my wildest dreams did I think some of my guys could pull off standing on stage and without a hint of nervousness deliver their lines. This kind of experience will stay with my students for the rest of their lives."
Nicholas Stavrinos, 5th grade Special Education, Daly Elementary School
"It was so exciting for the children to make the connection between written and spoken language, the language of music, and the language of dance. For students who are not able to verbalize well, it was a powerful experience to feel confident and able to be articulate using their kinesthetic intelligence. As a teacher it allowed me to view certain students from a new, important perspective." 
Tina Ramirez, 2nd grade teacher, Glenwood Landing School
"It was great watching my students follow multi-step directions. My boys were engaged and motivated by the dance as well as the girls. They all had an awesome time dancing together while learning about Latin American cultures."
Ms. Lourenco, 5th grade teacher, Maplewood Intermediate School
"With all the emphasis placed on testing, and the pressure that we put on ourselves and the students to score well, it is refreshing to explore another way our chidren can show their stuff. What a great project!"
Liz LeSeuer, 5th grade teacher, Port Washington School District
"It was fascinating to explore characters using an opera scenario. Thry to express emotion through body language and tone of voice really helped me connect with what the actors were expressing at the Metropolitan Opera performance in NYC.  I never knew social studies classes could be so much fun!" Arielle S. 10th grader AP World History, Harborfields High School